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The perfect dog for you is waiting for you to find him/her. There are many ways to acquire a dog, whether its a purebred or a mixed breed. If you are looking for a purebred make sure to visit several different breeders. Do your research on them as well.

Animal shelters are good places to look. A dog shelter has purebred dogs as well. Many dog owners have to give up their purebred dogs for many reasons. They might be older, job, moving to a place where dogs are not allowed, etc… Whatever the reason, they are taken to a dog shelter to get a second chance. Where you can give them that second chance.

Breed Rescue Clubs are also a good source for finding that perfect dog. Clubs provide many purebreds a foster home. These are dogs that were either surrendered or given up to a shelter or simply abandoned.


US Humane Society                  A.S.P.C.A


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Canine Behavior Advisor

Canine Behavior Advisor
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Canine Behavior Advisor


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